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What Other People Say

"I like the way EDIA Papyrus analyses texts. Papyrus is very useful in my work. So far I have only used the ER Central graded reader which doesn't grade according to CEFR. Currently, I spend most of my time editing but when I have writing work this tool will also be very useful!"

Lisa Horvath, ELT Curriculum Developer

"I have published so many books in my career as a publisher I have lost count, the one thing that I have always struggled with is to be able to accurately, factually and scientifically make claims about the language level of the text. I never really found an ideal way of testing the CEFR level until I discovered Papyrus."

"This tool is exactly what every publisher has been dreaming of. Within seconds Papyrus will analyse the text and provide a very accurate percentage score per level and provide vocabulary suggestions to adjust the level as required. The ease of use also really impressed me, login, copy, paste and done!"

Andelie Zeeman, Education Specialist

"Just a quick note to say that I've been using Papyrus for some weeks now and really enjoying it! The tool that highlights words in the text according to their level of difficulty is amazing. I believe I haven't seen it in similar platforms, such as Text Inspector or VocabKitchen. I'd like to congratulate EDIA and the team on the work you've done so far on the platform."

ELT Author, Editor and Consultant
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